We welcome all SOUCYS to the official website
of the “Association des familles Soucy inc.”

This website is one of the principal instruments through which we hope to reach and regroup all SOUCYS into one common family association. The Association des familles Soucy inc. has been legally incorporated as a non-profit organization, whose mission is to share the history and genealogy of our family.  The website is dedicated and open to all SOUCYS, regardless of the many spelling and phonetic variations given to that name, whether it be in French (SOUCI, SOUCIE, SOUCIS, SOUCISSE) or in English (SOUCEY, SUCEY, SUCY, SUCIE, SUSSEY, SUCESE, SUSESE).  We also lend our voice to those bearing the name SOUSSY, SOUSSIS, SOUSI, SOUCIE, and SOUCI, who are living in Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia, and descend from French ancestry.

We invite all SOUCYS in North America who are descendants of Jean Soucy (called La Vigne) and Jeanne Savonnet, and are exploring their roots in France circa 1650, as well as SOUCYS in France whose roots go back to medieval Normandy, to join the Association. Together, we can retrace our family roots, and help write our shared family history.